There are lots of elements that help a business to succeed. They are much, but the one thing that will always be at the top is your image. The image people see first can go a long way to determine if they will become customers. As such, lots of companies now find themselves utilizing professional image editing teams to get that perfect image for their website or print.

So, whether you are into E-commerce, you work in an agency, magazines, publishers or you are into fashion and beauty, photo studios, or even online trade and marketplace sell, the clipping path will benefit your business. And in this article, we are going to enlighten you on how to make a clipping path in photoshop cc for that perfect image you desire.

But First, What Is A Clipping Path?

A straightforward definition is, any closed vector or shape used in cutting out pictures or images with the help of photo editing software is called a clipping path. As simple as that may sound, clipping a photo requires the skills and it is best to leave it to the professionals. Not only that, hiring a trained designer ensures that the final image sends the right message to your target customers.

This is where we come in; we are professionals in the art of cut-out photos. Working with teams of skilled graphic designers to ensure that your vision is accurately transferred unto the image. You can give us a trial today. With all that out of the way, if you still want to learn how to make a clipping path in photoshop, follow us.

Now that you know what a clipping path is let dive into how you can make a clipping path in photoshop cc. 

How to Create Clipping Path in Photoshop CC

To successfully remove the background of an image, you need to create a clipping path. What this does is that it enables you to transfer the image only to a much more preferred background. Backgrounds like the all-white have been used a lot as it allows the picture to shine through and stand out.

Using the photoshop cc helps to simplify the process of creating a clipping path better than the previous versions. The software package is fully equipped with features that make the whole process easier. Once you have your photoshop cc software ready to go, here is

Step 1

  • Open the photoshop program by double-clicking on it.  
  • Select the ‘pen tool’ icon. 
  • On the left hand of the screen, click on the ‘palate path’ and choose the ‘path tool’ located at the bottom. 

So far, so good right? Once you have done this, let’s take you to the next step.

Step 2

  • Zoom to about 200 or 300 on the image you want to clip. This way, you have a more define area when cutting.
  • After zooming, to clip the abject, you have to highlight the outline of the image altogether. The step is crucial, and as such, you have to be careful not to leave any part out.
  • Convex or concave points should be accurately highlighted.

Once you have successfully done this, the hardest part is almost finished. Proceed to the next step to continue.

Step 3

  • After you have finished highlighting the target image, click on ‘Paths’ and select ‘layers’ from the options.
  • Then proceed to click on the image in the section. Once you have done this, an option for the background and the first layer will appear.
  • Click on the middle icon and select the ‘solid color’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • Then proceed to choose your desire background color.

You have followed all the above-outlined steps correctly; then you will notice that you have just clipped your photo. Remember, as mentioned above, the all-white background is better; however, you know your business best. So, choose what you know will work for you.

Some Clipping Path Command Keys Shortcuts in Photoshop CC

  1. P – help choose the ‘Pen’ tool
  2. A – is the direct selection tool that enables you to adjust any points you created using the ‘Pen’ tool
  3. H – is for the ‘Hand’ tool
  4. ‘Option + Click’ or ‘Alt + Click’ help you create point corners as you draw using the ‘Pen’ tool
  5. ‘Command + =’ or ‘CTRL + =’ enables you to zoom in on an object.
  6. ‘Command + -‘ or ‘CTRL + -‘ helps you zoom out.
  7.  ‘Shift + Command + N’ or ‘Shift + CTRL + N’ helps you create a new layer
  8. ‘FN + Shift + F5’ or ‘Shift + F5’ helps you fill a layer with color

Once you have mastered these shortcuts, clipping your images will easy as a breeze.

Difference Between the Photoshop CC and Other Versions

  •     Photoshop CC Vs Standard Photoshop

The CC added to the photoshop stands for ‘Creative Cloud’ which means you can access you saved files from external devices. This is because they are stored in the clouds. The photoshop cc also have monthly subscription fees, which make it more suitable for small business, unlike the standard photoshop.

  •     Photoshop CC Vs the Photoshop CS

Here the CS stands for Cloud Suite. Although they are both efficient in their work respectively, the photoshop CC is more reliable. This reliability is because the photoshop cc software is a cloud base. Also, the CC version has several features like 3D image creation and editing that is available only to Photoshop extended users.

So, as you can see, with the photoshop cc, you get a lot of quality, ease, and fantastic finished work.

In conclusion

The clipping path in photoshop cc has become a worldwide phenomenon. Its uses range from removing undesired stuff from your photo to creating crisp images. With photoshop cc clipping path, your pictures are guaranteed to have that sharpness with color variations like no other.

We offer some of the best clipping path services that are aimed primarily to grow your business. Whether big or small, our affordable prices ensure that there is always something for everyone.