How To Cut Out Part Of A Picture?

A photo or a cut out from where the background image has been removed is quite a common element in the graphic designing. It is easy working with the cut outs because they take up much lesser space. These contain only the necessary part of the photos. You can easily place them on the top of any graphics. Creating a cut out is however, not very easy. Removing every pixel from the background is difficult. This is both challenging and also quite time consuming. This is all the more true if the background is anything other than a simple white sheet. You can also cut out background online.

Understanding the basic cutout technique

To know about the various cutout techniques, you can go through the discussion given below:

1. You will first have to click the button to create a mask on the photo

Just beside the layer preview, you will be able to see a white square appear. Mask is a very useful photoshop tool. If you draw anything on it in black then it stays hidden. But if you draw anything with white color, it will appear on the screen. At any point of time, you will be able to draw a mask to hide or to show the various elements that are there on the photo. We also cut out photo editor if required.

2. You can use a small brush to draw an outline around the photo

You need to select brush with medium softness, something around 65%. It however, depends upon how sharp the particular image is. Try drawing around the edges of the cutout subject as much as you can. We want this background to disappear, therefore, you should draw it in black.

3. Double click the mask

If you double click the mask, this will help in editing the closeness and the roundness of the feather. To make certain tweaks to the mask, you can double click on it. If you edit the feather, it will help you to make the outline of the mask harder and softer.

There are several tools available in Adobe photoshop and with these we can create the cut outs for you. We are aware about which tools need to be used when? If you know the use of each of these tools, it will be quite helpful in most of the situations. You also know how to cut an image fast and quick. A properly cut out background will be helpful.